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An ontologybased and modeldriven approach for designing. In 12, built an ontology for software architecture documentation which is used to retrieve architectural knowledge for the stakeholders 12. Ontology driven software development for automated documentation. Technology system architecture and software architecture in acme style 21. A common approach to software architecture documentation in industry projects is the use of filebased documents. On the semantic web side, owl is intended to provide a language that can be used to describe the classes and relations between them that are inherent in web documents and applications. Considering that a software solves a problem, the software architecture ontology is related. This paper presents the results of an ongoing research on an ontologybased approach to building information modeling to facilitate information exchange among different knowledge domain applications. Ontologybased software architecture documentation ieee. Finally we propose domainbased ontology architecture as an efficient approach in ontologybased data integration. The ontologybased approach offers a multidimensional organisation of architectural knowledge by means of a software ontology and semantic wiki, whereas filebased documentation typically uses.

An ontologybased approach to knowledge representation for. A software visualization technique is used to present the graphical documentation which helps the maintainer to understand the process. Knowledge retrieval from filebased architecture documentation is efficient if the perspective. As shown in the figures, the concept definitions are described with natural language so that there is much room. Ontologybased software engineering software engineering 2. Knowledge retrieval from filebased architecture documentation is efficient. A general architecture for ontologybased knowledge management has been proposed in 19. We report on a controlled industry experiment in which the ontologybased approach is compared to a.

We conclude that the fiwarebased ids implementation fits the requirements of the ids reference architecture providing open source software suitable to any industry 4. We argue that the software architecture ontology is not enough. Spem ontology as the semantic notation for method and process definition in the context of swebok comsis vol. An ontologybased approach for modelling architectural styles.

Ontologybased data integration involves the use of ontologys to effectively combine data or information from multiple heterogeneous sources. We have employed a software ontology in a semantic wiki. In proceedings of the 2012 ieee joint working conference on software architecture and 6th european conference on software architecture, pages 121, 2012. This approach offers a singledimensional perspective on the architectural knowledge contained. Ontologybased software engineering how is ontology. In the majority of km applications, ontologies are. Abstracta common approach to software architecture documentation in industry projects is the use of filebased documents. The thesis consists of an experiment of applying a generic software tool to a speci. Ontologybased approach to represent the artefacts of. T1 ontologybased software architecture documentation. Flexible software architectures for ontologybased information systems michael wessel.

The concepts related to software architecture and their instances are automatically identified and extracted by parsing the. Disseminating architectural knowledge on opensource. In computer science and information science, an ontology encompasses a representation, formal naming and definition of the categories, properties and relations between the concepts, data and entities that substantiate one, many or all domains of discourse. Keywords skills management system, ontologies, process models 1 this paper is an extended sequel of towards ontologybased skills management, which has been written by the same author in the. An ontologybased approach for detecting knowledge intensive tasks. We also look at techniques where ontologies support coding and code documentation. An ontologybased enterprise architecture sciencedirect.

Elicitation, representation and management of software design knowledge. We have evaluated this ontology based approach in a controlled. Citeseerx ontologybased software architecture documentation. Ontologybased data management 3 data is widespread into separate pieces of documentation that are often di cult to access and rarely conforming to common standards. An extensible, ontologybased, distributed information.

The ontology and the corresponding mappings to the data sources provide a common ground for the documentation of all the data in the organisation, with obvious ad. Ontologybased architecture to support software process. Ontology based approach the ontology based approach is to produce a schema from the legacy system to descri be the context of the software system or in terms of the domain specific concepts. We refer to such an approach to architecture documentation as an ontologybased approach. Spem ontology as the semantic notation for method and. The effectiveness of ontology based data integration is closely tied to the consistency and expressivity of the ontology used in the integration process. Ontologybased software engineering how is ontologybased software engineering abbreviated.

Ontologybased software architecture documentation ieee xplore. N2 a common approach to software architecture documentation in industry projects is the use of filebased documents. A software redocumentation process using ontology based. Industrial data space architecture implementation using fiware. Ontologybased knowledge management system for industry cluster 5 figure 1. An xda ontology is a means of describing structured hierarchical data. A view model or viewpoints framework in systems engineering, software engineering, and enterprise engineering is a framework which defines a coherent set of views to be used in the construction of a system architecture, software architecture, or enterprise architecture. The ontologybased business architecture engineering framework. Report by journal of digital information management. It also produces a software prototype with appropriate documentation.

An ontologybased approach to administrative data sources. Several researchers have investigated the limitations of ifcs data model for interoperability among heterogeneous software applications. Currently, few projects applying a modeldriven engineering mde approach start from highlevel requirements models defined exclusively in terms of domain. Software architecture modelling, architecture ontology, architectural style, description logics, qualitydriven development. Abstract we have designed a method by using which one can analyse the requirement document of the software. He would, for example, understand a tnm documentation field in a pathology form as a pathological tnm and not as a clinical tnm. Computers and internet human information processing methods knowledge management object recognition computers research ontology pattern recognition pattern recognition computers. Improving access to software architecture knowledge an. Steps of otk methodology and commonkads model suite 3. More simply, an ontology is a way of showing the properties of a subject area and how they are related, by defining a set of concepts and. It is mapping between software requirement specification and the knowledge base. Bulchino search layer architecture the proposed architecture fig. Elicitation, representation and management of software. Wikipedia document titled software architecture, use.

This paper briefly lays out the results of the ongoing research project kowien2 at the university of duisburgessen. Ultimately any software and information architecture only provides utility when deployed. A clinical user considers the medical context, the structure of the assessment form and the neighboring data elements when entering new data. This document provides a comprehensive architectural overview of the system, using a number of different architectural views to depict different aspects of the system. Pdf ontologybased software architecture documentation. In this paper we describe an approach aimed at addressing architecture documentation retrieval issues. Bridging the gap between software architecture rationale.

Introduction software testing is a sub area of software engineering which. The kernel of this system is made of a minimal representation support called snets, a typed, reflective and modular kind of semantic network. Ontologybased software architecture documentation klaas. A task oriented view of web software visualization and architecture laxmareddy. It implies to use ontology as vocabulary to define complex, multirelational case structures to support the cbr processes. The more these tasks are extended and automated, the more important gets the definition and use of ontologies as conceptual basis of such components. It is one of the multiple data integration approaches and may be classified as globalasview gav. Trex tool for automating the software architecture documentation part only. Ontologybased data integration between clinical and. Ontologybased software architecture documentation vrije.

Ontologybased building information modeling computing. An ontologybased approach for software architectural knowledge. Ontologybased architecture documentation approac h. It is intended to capture and convey the significant architectural decisions which have been made on the system. Applications of ontologies in software engineering 5 time usage of ontologies in applications.

The tool in the application is to support software process improvement work after assessment. Citeseerx document details isaac councill, lee giles, pradeep teregowda. The architecture of openehr is designed to support the construction of a number of types of system. Keywordssoftware testing ontology, software testing knowledge, ontology based knowledge management system, knowledge sharing. Improving access to software architecture knowledge an ontology. Contextual semantic relationships between data elements and forms are lost. Archvoc towards an ontology for software architecture. An ontologybased and modeldriven approach for designing it service management systems. In this chapter we in vestigate how an on tology can be used for retrieving ak from.

We validate the proposed architecture by deploying and testing it in a real industry use case that tries to improve the maintenance and operation of milling machines. Ontologybased software architecture documentation abstract. A view is a representation of a whole system from the perspective of a related set of concerns. Ontologybased software architecture documentation citeseerx.

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