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Whale wise eco tours the canary islands provide suitable conditions to be home, or favourable migration stop, for many species of whales and dolphins. Times are tough for the travel community right now. Once we have been able to contemplate in freedom to cetacean species, you can relax sunbathing and enjoying a swim in the sea looking at the coast of. Discover tenerife from the waterfront and look for whales and dolphins. Tenerife is located in a prime location for whale and dolphin observation. A place of unique beauty located in the south west of the island of tenerife. From an understanding of the islands micro climates and how they can affect walking conditions, and hints and tips about footwear, clothing and equipment, to recommended places to stay for easy. From the total 92 of cetacean species found in the world, 31 have been reported in the canaries in the last 30 years. Twohour whale and dolphin watching trip if you just want to see these magnificent mammals, without the extras, you can choose a short outing on a small, fast boat. Find the perfect tenerife whale watching stock photo. They also run small tour groups from a great little boat, which is fantastic, and both are marine biologist with a passion for the animals and their conservation so have the whales interests at heart. One of the reasons tenerife is considered the best place in the world to see whales and dolphins in the wild is the absolutely beautiful sunshine, blue skies and clear water, all year around. Its also but a short hop to one of the newer golf courses on the island buenavista golf. We never guarantee the whale watching because they are wild animals in their habitat, and many factors can modify their normal behaviour.

Whale and dolphin safaris are 1 and 2 hours and cost between 1520. Reserve your place on this catamaran excursion with freebird. Royal delfin is the only catamaran with 16 panoramic 50 underwater windows. Tenerife is the second whale watching destination in the entire world when it comes to the number of whale watching hopefuls that descend upon the island each year.

This is a halfday excursion off tenerife to go dolphin and whale watching. Whale watch tenerife, pantalan no3, puerto colon marina, costa adeje, adeje. They offer some of the most spectacular scenery in tenerife. Go whalewatching by catamaran and look for dolphins on a halfday tour from puerto colon. More than just a collection of the best walking routes for the island, walk this way tenerife is a complete guide to selfguided walking on tenerife. Seldom may we feel so much part of it than out there in the wild. Spend half a day immersing yourself in beautiful landscapes and the wonders of nature as you kayak, snorkel, and relax. Twohour whale and dolphin watching trip if you just want to see these magnificent mammals, without the.

This awesome sight really is something to behold and is the main attraction to this coastal town, which is a popular spot for a day trip. Whale watching tenerife essential info for travellers updated for. When the tide is out, this small quiet beach right next to the. Jack is coeditor, writer and photographer for buzztrips and the real tenerife series of travel websites as well as a contributor to online travel sites and travel magazines.

Tenerife dolphin royal delfin tenerife whale watching. The must do for every tourist is a whale and dolphin watching trip on tenerife. Optimize your viewing time of whales and dolphins above and under the sea. We have easy access by road, good port facilities and great conditions for sailing and resident whales in the area all year. One of the best ways to discover all the best bits of this area is to visit the unique village of masca which is a small, unspoilt village hidden away in. You are in company with whales and dolphins nearly face to face in the crystal clear blue water. Secondly, tenerife dolphin is the first company in spain of marine excursions awarded with the certificate iso 14001. Find the perfect whale dolphin tenerife stock photo. Experience these whales and dolphins by observing them in their natural habitat above and under water. Thar she blows, whale and dolphin watching on tenerife.

Lunch, drinks and transfer from places like playas las americas are included in the price. We will search for dolphins and whales in the first part of the private whale watching charter. Many of the whale watching tours pass them, and the seabed at the foot of the cliffs is rich in marine life, attracting divers and gamefishing enthusiasts. It is a motorpowered catamaran custombuilt to enhance your dolphin and whale watching experience and minimise possible dizziness. Katrin now presents the ideal platform for observation of dolphins, whales and other sea creatures which are many and varied in tenerife waters.

Come on board of freebird to have a fantastic day out on the sea. First with more than 34 years of experience in whale and dolphin watching. Boats line the harbour row after row, bobbing gently on the twinkling blue waters. Its nestled into the rock face, with dramatic 300metre cliffs called the giants running off to the north. To see them close up by boat is an emotive experience that you will never forget. The 4,5h trip of freebird catamarans leaves tuesdays, thursdays, fridays and sundays from puerto colon, in costa adeje tenerife. Our passion for the sea is the reason for this new adventure. Get back to nature on a small group, 3hour cruise off the southwest coast of tenerife. Another iconic species from the south of tenerife is the short fin pilot whale globicephala macrorhynchus, found in large numbers along the south coast of the island. Dolphin and whale watching in tenerife thomson now tui. Of all the special travel moments weve accumulated over the years, seeing animals at play in their natural environment is the most precious. A chance to even touch an inquisitive playful young animal is always present. If you click on any of those bright things in the sky, it will tell you all about it.

The males are larger than the females and can weigh up to 1500 kilos. In one of the most popular places in the world you can experience a wonderful adventure. A canarian company, pioneer and leader in sea excursions since 1985. Whale and dolphin watching in tenerife tenerife active. Whale and dolphin watching in tenerife ticks those boxes and then some. With tenerife sea charters experienced skippers and safety as the most important concern, you can choose a 3h. Gladiator u rigid boat offering family friendly 2 hour excursions. The seaside town of the same name, perched along the shore, in the shadow of the cliffs, maintains a quieter, more relaxed vibe than the bigger resort areas further south. A single view of the cliffs, observed from the sea, will leave you awestruck at. Your support will go a long way in helping tour operators worldwide get back on their feet down the road. Jaime and eileen were so friendly and knowledgeable, witnessing the whales and dolphins was an awesome and unforgettable experience but meeting j and e was equally fantastic. Pilot whale and dolphin safari with nashira uno 3h. Relax and enjoy the peaceful rocking of the boat as you cruise over to an area where whales and dolphins live in the wild. Features augmented reality and responds to where you point the phone.

Trips length range between hours, with swimming and lunch included for the longer trips 2h. Huge cliffs plunge into the warm waters of the atlantic ocean from between 985 and 1,967 feet 300 and 600 metres. This mustvisit spot in tenerife offers an abundance of 500 meters high cliffs. Whale watching from tenerife, the main island in the canary islands, can be as exciting and luxurious as you desire. A fully equipped boat, spacious and very comfortable. In the first place there are many sustainable boat trips and excursions offering this experience on the island, therefore you will find all of them here on this platform. There are loads of restaurants around, and plenty of shops to stock up on those souvenirs. Boat trips and whale watching on tenerife gettivity. Download the app, then the boarding passes go on your phone,, put it in. Most common sightings are dolphins and pilot whales, but minke, sperm and even killer whales sometimes put in an appearance to wow passengers. There arent as many boat tours as in costa adeje, but they have the merit to offer beautiful views over the cliffs from the sea. The town is protected by impressive rock cliffs up to 800 metres high and which drop down to the sea almost vertically. Life moves at a leisurely pace, with the marina being the hub of the town youll find relaxed bars and restaurants here, with views over the black volcanic.

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